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Our stucco services include stucco installation, repair, and maintenance. We use only the highest quality materials and employ skilled professionals to ensure that every project is managed and completed to the highest standards. From traditional stucco to modern synthetic options, we have the knowledge and expertise to handle any job.

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Quality Stucco Materials

The color and texture of synthetic stuccos are more uniform than traditional stucco options. Synthetic stucco will last longer than and look the same through all areas. Our STO brand products are developed to the highest architectural industry standards and are waterproof. Be aware, if you want to return to a traditional system after installing synthetic stucco, it is much more expensive.

There are buildings and houses in New Mexico where the historic board requires traditional stucco. Due to its nature, traditional stucco absorbs more water and it is prone to develop rain streaks over time. For traditional stucco, we use El Rey products. With proper maintenance, traditional stucco products can last almost as long as synthetic stucco products.

"My wife and I used Santa Fe Stucco to repair the roof on our first house here in Santa Fe. We recently moved and, based upon this earlier experience, we had no hesitation in asking Francis and his team to replace the roof and stucco on our new home. The result was everything we could have wished for, the team kept us informed of progress and worked diligently to deliver beyond expectations."


"Santa Fe Stucco provided excellent service, from prompt and reasonably priced proposals through the initial walk-through, to the implementation and completion of each project. We are a 73 unit luxury condominium complex and SFS&R has completed four major projects in the past three years. The quality of his work is unmatched by any other contractor with whom I have worked. My first call for bids on any project."


"They were responsive and provided a competitive bid quickly. They did the job in two days with a large crew, were responsive to comments and repaired some additional cracks. We were impressed by the professionalism, the speed and quality of the work. They left the site perfectly clean and the stucco looks terrific! We highly recommend them and will use them again."


"I called, the response was very quick and professional. The owner came out and assessed the job and scheduled the work for a few days later. They were on time and did a great job! I would definitely use them in the future."


"This company is a pleasure to work with. The staff are highly professional, responsive, and good with long distance communications (we live in another state and relied on phone conversations and e-mails. When we were in Santa Fe this past spring, we asked if someone from the co. would come to our house and show us the work that the company completed in 2012. There was no hesitation. The company agreed and sent out the same individual who did the roof repairs. Even though it was pouring rain and hail, the employee/president went up on the roof with my husband and pointed out his work and answered questions. We also asked him if we could set up an annual inspection & maintenance visit for the roof and he agreed, saying that we should start that maintenance in the fall, 2013. The price that he quoted for annual maintenance was quite reasonable."


"A little more expensive than other quotes we received, but we worked with them because of their reputation and having seen examples of their work. The contractor performed the work when they said they would. The crew, the owner and manager were fantastic with keeping us informed, doing the work roofing right the first time, and delivered on the previously arranged price as well."


"To Whom It May Concern: I recently had my entire home re-roofed by Santa Fe Stucco and Roofing. The job they did was excellent and the were particularly careful to clean up any messes and to keep me informed as to how the job was progressing. I highly recommend them."


"We want to thank all of you at Santa Fe Stucco and Roofing for the wonderful job you did on our stucco and roofing! What a great crew you have! It was a little bit of a surprise. It is not often in Santa Fe that you get any company that cares as much as you do about doing a job professionally. We would recommend you to anyone. Also, we received an unexpected surprise! Thank you so much for the Harry and David gift box. It was a wonderful surprise!!!!"

Donna and Mike Bush

"I recently needed my roof repaired and my stucco redone. I wanted a company who is professional, excellent reputation and offer to do the job for a reasonable price. Santa Fe Stucco & Roofing met all the criteria. They did the job in a timely manner, were very clean and extremely professional. I got daily updates and was informed on every aspect of the work. I highly recommend Santa Fe Stucco and Roofing."

Eddie Gutierrez

Our Stucco Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stucco - Synthetic VS. Traditional?

Both solutions are great! As with common roofing solutions, the type of stucco to choose depends on several factors, such as existing stucco type and condition, and what you as the building owner want to get out of your investment. Generally speaking, synthetic stucco provides consistent color and wear over time, due to its relatively impermeable surface as a one-way breather system - synthetic stucco has a water-resistant surface, but is engineered to expel moisture evenly when properly installed, leading to less hairline surface cracking overall. When first introduced, synthetic stucco was also touted as providing longer life than traditional stucco and typically requires less maintenance over the course of its lifespan.

Traditional stucco tends to show more color variation – when initially applied, and over time when exposed to the elements., which can create a rich patina that can only get more beautiful with age. This is because traditional stucco is more porous than its synthetic counterpart, which allows it to “breathe” and expand & contract with the structure of your home. Thanks to advances in technology and materials, traditional stucco now lasts almost as long as synthetic stucco.

What should we do about our parapets?

Parapets are a critical area for the home from both a roof and stucco perspective. Cracked parapets can leak water into the home, potentially causing damage in the walls, throughout the building frame, and to the exterior stucco as well.  Depending on how the parapet was built, repairs may be required with stucco and/or roof repair material.

At what point should cracking in my stucco be a concern?

Anytime a crack becomes thicker than the width of a credit card, you should consider having a professional examine the stucco. The most common areas of cracking are at the parapets and around windows. Many contractors use substandard quality products or techniques that allow deterioration to develop prematurely.

What’s special about our stucco process?

At Santa Fe Stucco & Roofing, we exclusively employ the “full-wrap” technique when installing stucco systems. Unlike many stucco contractors who only fill existing cracks, voids, or damaged areas prior to the installation of new stucco, we evenly apply a full layer of fiberglass mesh-embedded leveling compound to the entirety of your existing stucco system, which creates an even surface for the smooth application and even adhesion of your new stucco finish.

We exclusively use Sto as our preferred brand of synthetic stucco. Sto is manufactured to industrial standards, and is 100% waterproof. Other brands such as Dryvit, while fine alternatives, are not generally 100% waterproof, and are geared for consumer use as they can be purchased at big box stores. Sto specifically designs the products we use to thrive at our high altitude and in Santa Fe’s dry climate.

While admittedly we are not the low price leader on stucco, you will absolutely get what you pay for with SFS&R. Our stucco work can easily last twenty to thirty years.

What’s the best product?

There is no single roofing solution that is universally considered the “best”. We use some truly fine products. Gaco silicone roof coatings come with a five star energy rating and a 50-year life expectancy. Modified Bitumen roofs by Mule-Hide are the most popular roof systems in Northern Mexico, and have a 30-year life expectancy. Foam roofs provide great natural insulation characteristics. Metal roofs look fantastic and last a lifetime. From our perspective, it’s less a matter of what roof system is best and more a matter of what you as the building owner are looking to get from your roof system, whether that be energy efficiency, resistance to UV rays, snow and ice, and even protection from hail and wind. We will work with you to tailor a solution that best meets your needs.

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